The Secrets Behind Making An Audiobook

Susan B.

Hi, my name is Susan, and I am a certified bookaholic. Up until the time I set out to make an audiobook of my first novel, I had only listened to audiobooks in other people’s cars. I prefer to see my books. Driving to Orange County with my son, I fell in love with Jim Dale’s voice narrating the Harry Potter series. He made it come alive.
When I made my first audiobook, I knew how important the right voice would be, and I wanted to use a professional narrator. I am an actor by trade, but I don’t consider myself a narrator. I feel it’s a special skill. Here is a site where you can listen to a plethora of male, female and duo narrator I loved listening to the different vocal qualities. Go ahead. Have fun. Then come back to the article. I’ve got lots to tell you.
I got lucky. Stephanie Bentley, a member of my son’s musical improv group, read Time and Forever, loved it and offered to be my narrator. Stephanie is a SAG/AFTRA member who works through ACX. She guided me through the ACX process. ACX/Audible is affiliated with Amazon, and your audiobook would be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.
Under her tutelage I went to ACX.  Once there, I created my author profile, uploaded my sample pages, and set up the audition. Stephanie read the sample from my audition material and sent it back to me through the ACX website. I thought her tone was perfect for the book.
Here are some terms you should know:
The author is known as The Rights Holder. If you don’t have audiobook rights, read no further. My books are published by Soulmate Publishing. I retained the audio rights.

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