Screenwriting Techniques That Add Punch To Prose


JOAN SMYTHE, thirty-five, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, stands by the window of her cluttered home office. Her desk is strewn with books; the cursor on her computer blinks over and over, waiting for inspiration to strike. Joan looks back and forth between the half-empty glass of Scotch and the rain pelting the glass of her window.
After a few moments, the phone rings. Joan lunges at it.
Ms. Smythe?
Yes? (voice anxious)
Your rubber stamp is ready.
(slams down the phone)

Know that feeling? What weary writer hasn’t longed for an unexpected phone call to deliver much-needed hope or inspiration?
Well, good news. Your call for help is answered: just turn on your television. Screenwriters have perfected their craft with storytelling techniques that can make your writing sparkle. So grab some popcorn and settle in for the most fun and affordable writing workshop you’ve ever attended. As you watch, look for these eight screenwriting techniques to use in your books, blogs, and articles.

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