Rising Star Spotlight: 5 Conversations on a Pier After Dark


To start with, the only reason I met Katie was that my mother caught me looking at porn.
That should tell you two things right off the bat. The first is that I'm not skipping the embarrassing stuff. I have no idea what really happened over the last month, so I'll write down everything I remember, and then I'll explain why it makes no sense.
The second is that I walked into this late. I've met Katie five times, and at first, I had no idea what she was. I can't say I was just a bystander, but there are things I can't tell you firsthand.
Anyway, picture me in my room, staring at the screen, when my mother barged in without even knocking. She went all tomato and started yelling at me, and I just ran right past her, not even sure at first where I was going.
Once I made it outside, I calmed down enough to think straight. Normally, when I'm angry or depressed, I go out to the end of the southwest pier. I'd never been there after dark before, but it was a nice night for a walk--the air was warm, the moon was bright, and you could almost hear the echoes of how this island used to be.

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