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Some readers love to genre-hop, reading books from every genre under the sun and finding joy in all of them. Others, like me, tend to stick with one or two preferred genres. We know what we like, and our genre of choice delivers precisely that in-the-story package we’re accustomed to. It just makes sense to always go back to the same genre to get what we want out of our books.

First, I’d like you to understand something very fundamental and important about me; unless it’s a box with a new pair of shoes (preferably swanky boots or trainers), chocolate, or better still, some bling, I hate boxes! Metaphoric boxes that is. I hate the labels, but more than that, I despair that mankind still believes in categorizing people into them.

“There is no competition on the creative plane.” ~ Laura Jaworski

Is it competition with others stopping your dream of becoming a writer?

Writers can wordsmith just about anything, but a pandemic? That posed a challenge, if not a full-on screeching of keyboard strokes. In dumbstruck horror, many of us watched in disbelief as the country shut down—literally. Businesses, schools, libraries, bookstores, restaurants, bars, sports arenas, churches, and beaches were closed.

We’ve all been there. Everyone who ever put words on paper and presented it for the world to see has had this happen. Critics shame us, perhaps drag us through the mud, and can make us wonder why we put ourselves out there at all.
Maybe we just suck. Maybe everyone else is lying.