Reissued Romance: or The PG ifying of Bodice Rippers!


This isn't my first time at the romance-reading rodeo.
Bear with me for a few minutes, I'm going to tell you my reading history.
Like a lot of girls, I consumed a romance diet from junior high through college, devouring left and right every historical I could get my hands on. However, I bailed on the genre out of reasons that I have later come to realize were boredom mixed with disgust.
By 1997, the genre was changing into kinder and gentler territory and it didn't have the ingredients I wanted for my escapism. They were no longer the books I'd sneaked off my mother's shelves. So, in a huff, I left romance. (I can hear some of you thinking, “Times change, ya know!”)
I spent the next ten years (give or take a few) in historical fiction and non-fiction about Golden Age Hollywood and the two World Wars. Instead of Random Historical Romance Hero to swoon over, I got my jollies perving on Rudolph Valentino and Manfred von Richthofen, among many many others.
About three years ago, I got an attack of literary wanderlust again and decided to drop into the romance genre and see what was what...

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