The REAL Dish on Honeymoons


The most amazing thing has just happened! Your excitement reaches higher than the peak of Mount Everest. Your squeals are now beyond the decibels of human hearing and it is a likely possibility that you've instigated the neighborhood dogs to begin the chain of the twilight bark. What is all the hullabaloo about?  You're engaged!  You have found your soul mate and can begin to plan your wedding. The day you have always dreamed about. Of course you can't wait for the big day but, you know down deep inside, the hopeless romantic in you is really just dying to get to the honeymoon. When your life together truly begins and romance takes center stage.  Deciding on just the right place is essential. With so many options you narrow it down to a tropical resort on a hedonistic island. This rite of beginning is the tried and true, fool proof method indulged in by countless honeymooners before you, so you are confident it will be all you could wish for and more. it necessary to travel for your honeymoon? Is the setting a guarantee of romantic bliss?

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