To Print or Not To Print


There’s nothing like holding your blood, sweat and tears in your hands in the form of a printed book. There it is, a physical manifestation of countless hours of work, rejection, fears, praises and doubts. Some authors don’t think it is worth it. Some authors won’t write a book without putting it into print. And while every author must decide that question for him or herself, allow me to present the actual logistics of what is involved in creating a print book.
Before we go further, let’s make sure everyone is one the same page - if you’ll forgive the pun. When you write a book, you probably do so using word processing software (unless you can tap out a novel on your phone during lunch breaks). Once your book is finished and hopefully edited, someone (you, if you are flying solo, or a formatter who is hired by you or your publishing company) will transform your masterpiece into several digital files formatted specifically for the Kindles/Nooks/iPads/Sonys of this world.  You will get a rectangular image for your cover piece, and another mysterious someone will upload your digitally formatted book onto Amazon/Barnes/iTtunes/etc., and you will be published in the virtual/digital/ones-and-zeros world.

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