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Though St. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated for a very long time, the Valentine’s Day cards we send today, and their romantic precursors with pictures, lace and ribbons didn’t really come into fashion until the mid 19th century with the Victorian era. However, that didn’t mean that lovers in Regency England (the period between1811-1820), or in times before, didn’t observe the day.

Finding Your Soul Mate
Morgan K.

Does everyone have a soul mate? Better yet, what is a soul mate? It depends on how you define a soul mate...  The Greek philosopher Aristophanes first coined the idea of a race of soul mates. Instead of two individuals who loved each other, his soul mate had four arms, four legs, and two faces. They were two humans united as one. They had one mind, one purpose, and one soul.

What's So Funny?
Daniel M.

I believe the answer to this question is “people” – human beings. People can often be at their funniest when they’re not trying to be funny at all. Most people believe they are unique. There’s some truth in that thought but others go much further and believe that they are the only sane person on the planet...

Each year it seems the holiday season begins earlier and earlier. Complaints about holiday excesses and longings for ‘simpler’ and ‘old fashioned’ holiday celebrations abound. But what exactly does an ‘old fashioned Christmas’ really look like? Many of our Christmas traditions and our images of ‘old fashioned’ holidays are based in Victorian celebrations.

Through this series of articles, Laura Harner and Kymber Morgan invite you to join on a journey of fun, trials, tribulations and the odd giggle-inducing antic as they co-author a book from inception to publication from two different countries ‘on camera’.  When last we caught up with our adventurous duo in Episode Two, they’d ironed out the remaining kinks in the plot, gained a precise picture