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Diversity Done Right

Diversity and inclusivity in fiction has been a subject of great interest in the last decade.

What we say and what we write carries weight, makes a difference. A few words from a president can set off alarm bells. A phrase from the Fed Chairman can make the stock market soar or ignite a selling spree. And it’s not just the words of major players.

Being a writer is one thing, but knowing how to market your brand is another, and many writers are not necessarily good marketers. No matter if you are new to being a writer or are already published, you may struggle to market your name and gather an audience, unless you are aware of some great strategic tactics that can help you publicize your skill and bring significant sales.

World-building is the process of creating the world your novel will occupy, and then explaining that world to readers. It's the people,  rules, places, magic, politics, histories, religions, laws, and any  and everything else that creates the framework a story exists within. Every novel, regardless of genre, requires some amount of world-building - even books that are set in our world.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, reading 'X' book changed my life!” You might be surprised to find that it’s not all hyperbole and exaggeration. Let me give you an example.