Life As A Soldier's Wife And Daughter


There are moments in life when the collective emotion of the human race feels like electricity, raising the small hairs on the backs of necks and making the skin tingle. It feels as if the entire world comes to a sudden stop. Examples of this -- for those who remember -- would be the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy assassination, or the lunar landing. These moments seemed to make the earth stand still. Most people reading this can recollect another unforgettable day:  September 11, 2001. The very air around me felt thick, weighty. The emotion of the day felt the heavy pressure, as if from thirty feet down in the ocean we struggled to reach the surface while our lungs burned, fought to hold onto reality for just a few seconds longer, just until we could catch one solid breath. People around me made sounds of shock, astonishment, pure disbelief. My fingers turned to pins and needles and my knees evaporated. I could no longer feel my own heartbeat.

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