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Fan Fic.: This is the term used for fan fiction and it’s having an increasingly strong ring these days.For those who don’t know what fan fiction is, or have heard the term but are unclear what it means, here’s what it is in a nutshell—fan fiction is fans (even other authors) writing fiction using characters created by their favorite authors, screenwriters, or comic book creators.

We all know that self-publishing has opened doors for writers in ways we could never have dreamed of a decade ago. Innovation in the publishing industry has increased exponentially as multiple channels to publishing have opened. But in all that time, self-published authors have never come together to create their own line.

One of the greatest challenges facing an indie author is finding his/her audience. Without the advantage of having shelf space in a bookstore, how do you get your book in front of potential readers?

When I was young, my mother took myself and my four siblings to the doctor. It was a monumental undertaking, something she didn’t take on lightly. We were all threatened within an inch of our lives--the threat? “You will behave, or I will tell your father.” A threat which would cause a ten-year-old to quake in her boots.

When the twin towers fell in New York on 9/11, an historian friend, who watched with me in horror, said, “This isn’t Pearl Harbor, it’s the Barbary Wars.” Since then many commentators have been quick to compare militant jihadists to the Barbary pirates. The comparison has some merit, but is woefully simplistic.