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Comments or complaints I often hear from new or aspiring writers: My family doesn’t support me; My husband thinks this is stupid; My husband won’t help; My husband insists I get a pen name because he’s embarrassed.

June is Audiobooks Month! Say what? If you haven’t thought about or listened to audiobooks, you may not realize that the audiobook industry is thriving and growing larger each day. Once relegated to the back recesses of libraries, and used primarily by those with visual impairments, audiobooks have become mainstream entertainment.

The title “The Rules of Medieval Sex” refers to sex in the Middle Ages, nothing kinkier than that, so get your head out of the gutter, and join me on an innocent frolic through attitudes about sex in the 800’s, Charlemagne’s Empire.

Every once in a while, we run across someone who seems to defy all known societal rules, and that tweaks our interest. The minute we hear a story like that, questions begin rolling off our tongues before we can slap a hand over our mouths, “How did they do that?” - “What motivates them?” – “What makes them tick!?” That is exactly what happened when we heard about 21-year old RJ Tolson.

Rejection. The bane of our profession. Those slips of paper which discourage writers, make them question why they bother, and may even cause them to abandon their dreams. Some don’t even get this far. Sometimes people are so reluctant to risk rejection that they don’t send their stories out, or even allow another person to read them.