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We all remember those first books that we read where two characters fall in love and find a semblance of happily ever after.

The scene is set!
All the hero has to do is break the glass case, grab the missing necklace, and hightail it out of there with his heroine in tow!
The glass case is shattered with the hero’s $90,000 arm prosthesis.

Be Mine!

It’s getting close to that time of year again! The time where the holidays are fading, taking the music and clearance sales with them. Everything that screams Christmas or New Year’s Eve—the wrapping paper, Santa dolls, fake snow, plastic champagne glasses and crazy hats—have all gone.

So you’ve just landed a book contract and you are over the moon. Congratulations! It’s super to realize you wrote a book and now your family/friends/coworkers/agent/ publisher all think it’s fantastic. You can’t wait to see the cover and hold that sweet print baby in your hands. There are so many steps involved in bringing a book into the world, and the release date seems forever away.

We all love a good holiday! After all, what could be better than romance on Valentine’s Day; BBQ and fireworks on the 4th of July; a big, fat turkey at Thanksgiving; presents at Christmas; or a New Year’s Eve party?