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If you’re an Indie author like me, you probably already know the value of beta readers.  In a well-planned book production process, you should send out an early manuscript (even before you send it to your editor) for beta reading.

The Insidious Facts on Piracy

Sir Philip Pullman said: “Online piracy of books, music, and other expressions of the human spirit needs to be properly understood: it’s an offense against moral justice. It’s the very opposite of freedom of speech, because it acts to prevent those who create beauty, knowledge, consolation or delight from earning even a modest living from their efforts.

Last year, Jeff Wheeler, the mega-selling fantasy author, agreed to a feature interview for InD’tale magazine.  We found him to be one of the most gracious and kind men we have had the pleasure of visiting with, and because his books are absolutely top-notch, we enjoyed a conversation long to be remembered! That visit, however, was right before the deadly worldwide pandemic hit. 

Hold That Thought!
Burkey and

With all the mechanics and formulas needed to write something meaningful and relevant, writers have a deep-seated terror, ultimately faced at the worst possible time, of version control and hacked laptops. We want to share some insights achieved over our years of writing techno-thrillers as a team.

As a former fitness competitor and trainer, I’m very well-aware of how the body needs rest to recover. It’s during the recovery mode that the muscles rebuild stronger. The mind works just as hard, if not more so, as the body, but adequate mental recovery is often overlooked. A “hustle and grind” attitude is the slogan for every entrepreneur and self-help guru out there.