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Victory's Secret: Debut Episode!!
Rachael Tamayo
Cynthia Austin

Nine years before . . .

At the age of twelve, my mother sat me down at the kitchen table with a forced smile. The worn and scuffed wood that had seen all of our family’s dinners now bore witness to another momentous occasion. An envelope in one hand, and a cup of warm tea in the other.
“Victory, it’s time we talked.”

Let’s be honest: we’ve all read a thriller at some point.

Mom? Mom?! MOOOOOOM!!!

If you have a chance to get to know me, you probably won’t think I’m much of a rule-breaker, especially in publishing. But the beauty of Indie is that you can break rules, and you can be very successful doing so. But it’s important to know when and why it makes sense to break rules.

You Might Just Find A New Passion or Enough Family Secrets to Write a Book!