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Getting Spooky With It

It’s that time of year again. Time for the Big Three. We have gone all year, training for the gauntlet, the last three months of the year. That’s right, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The holidays that make or break us every year. Usually, they break us, as our money is all gone right after we get the credit card bills to a manageable level. But that’s an excuse for wimps.

Making It As An Author

With thousands of books releasing every day through online retail sites, it has never been harder to break into publishing, to have your books stand out, as well as stand the test of time. The first step to writing a great book is to write one that you love. That love shines through and makes it something special. Readers notice.

Every day, on my morning commute, that newspaper guy on the corner of Queens and Woodhaven Boulevards waved at me. He'd stand in the middle of the two left lanes directing traffic: “Take it easy now, I don’t want no accidents on my corner. Let the lady in, buddy, she gotta merge! Come on now, honey, he’s letting you go.

In getting to know NYTimes bestselling author, Elise Kova, and featuring her in our June issue, we discovered she not only writes amazing books, she is also an incredible journalist!  So we asked her to try one for us.  And in her gracious way, she enthusiastically complied - on a subject that we here at InD’tale know and agree with so well!