Laura and Kymber's Excellent Writing Adventure

Laura Harner
Kymber Morgan

Whenever two or more authors get together, the conversation turns to one thing: books. So of course, at this year’s Romance Novel Convention in Las Vegas, while Kymber and Laura waited at the InD’tale Magazine luncheon for their turn to scoop up the finger sandwiches, it was no different. The scene went something like this:
Laura pauses as she reaches for a plate and a calculated look crosses her face. “You know what? I think we should write a book together.”
Kymber looks over Laura’s head at the array of goodies. “Great idea. Is that tuna?”
Laura plops a cookie the size of her plate on top of the sandwich already resting there. “Yes, and egg-salad, too. Want to?”
“Absolutely.” Kymber, having bagged the tuna salad, turns a predatory eye on the unsuspecting bowl of watermelon and moves in.
“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if TJ and InD’tale Magazine were interested in a series of articles about how we’re doing it?” Laura waves a set of tongs in the general direction of the InD’tale team at the front of the room. “Damn...I just spilled the chips.”
Kymber tries to refrain from laughing with a mouth full of watermelon – unsuccessfully.

Read the entire article in the October issue of InD'Tale magazine.

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