The Importance of People Skills


Do you list people skills as an asset on your résumé?  Have
you ever been asked in a job interview to give an example of your interpersonal ability? Do you know if you’re a people person? Would you recognize one if you saw one?
Most of us have basic people skills, but would be hard-pressed to describe them. Simply saying, “I get along with everyone”   is not enough. What you do (or don’t do) to live and work successfully with other human beings determines your  degree of people-ability.
Specific traits, behaviors and attitudes make us more likable -- and more likely to get along with others. There are thousands of characteristics that make someone a people person. Fortunately, most of them can be learned.
Some of the most important interpersonal skills are taught to us in childhood. Good habits usually start at home. Your parents may have encouraged you to:
Smile at people.
Make eye contact when you talk to someone.
Listen to the person who is speaking.
Say please and thank you.
From kindergarten to grade 12, our schools encourage other behaviors that lead to safe and orderly learning environments. For conflict-free hallways and calm, comfortable classrooms, teachers stress rules that teach us to be more “People friendly” like these:

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