How To Hit the Bestseller Lists With Ebook Pre-orders: InD'tale Exclusive!


Imagine if you could push a magic button and make your next book release rise higher in the bestseller lists.This magical button is real.  It’s called an ebook preorder. The ebook preorder tips and strategies I’m about to share here aren’t just pie-in-the-sky theory.  They work.
Twelve months ago Smashwords announced preorder distribution to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.  In the time since, we’ve helped thousands of our authors leverage the power of preorders.  
Romance authors have had the greatest success with preorders.   I’ve been fortunate to work directly with our bestselling romance authors as they pioneered the best practices for making preorders work.  Many have hit store-wide bestseller lists (including numerous #1s and top 10s), top-10 romance lists, and some have even hit The New York Times and USA Today.  
In this column, I’ll explain how preorders work, how to integrate preorders into your next book launch, and how to maximize your results.

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