The Gift of Words


It’s that time of year again. The monsters and superheroes are all gone, we overstuffed ourselves with turkey and mashed potatoes and now it’s time to drain our bank accounts to find the perfect gift for our family and friends.
Christmas is in the air. Of course, all the store decorations have been around since Halloween. Thank heavens a fake tree doesn’t need watering.
Every year, we struggle to find the “perfect” gifts for people. There are easy people on the list—the ones you can buy new socks and underwear for and they are happy, like me. Especially if they have cartoon characters on them.
Then there are the other people that pretty much have everything and are just about impossible to buy for, because they buy everything they want during the year and won’t make a list of the things they’d like Santa to bring them. This would be my wife.

I’ve reached the point where I just tell her to get what she wants and I’ll put it in a pretty box with a bow on it, and she can act surprised when she pulls it out from under the tree and looks inside. Surprise! NOT.
Personally, I like to find different gifts for people. Not the ordinary things that they might be expecting. Like most of you, I enjoy the look on someone’s face when they see their packages under the tree, open them, and get a smile and a laugh because they weren’t expecting that little surprise.
Over the years I have learned never to buy clothes for people. My taste is not quite the same as everyone else’s, I guess. Remembering to keep all receipts is a necessity, and the look of horror on the faces of the wife and daughters when I get a blouse or a dress for them—well, let’s just say it isn’t pleasant. So I’ve given up on that. Sad to say I guess being a clothes designer was never in the cards for me.
So I go for the different and sometimes unique gifts....

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