The Enduring Appeal of Regency


Many readers ask the question: Why would you forsake all else to write Regency romances? The reason: Because we love them!  Because they make us happy. Because they are our “go-to” reading when we want to relax and escape. And because readers love them.
Why “Regency?”
Ever since Jane Austen took up her quill, this form of literature has delighted readers with its irony, wit,  and light romance. It is a “comedy of  manners.”  Georgette Heyer took up where Austen left off, creating a delightful body of work that is read just as repeatedly as Austen’s work. Heyer is the modern-day Austen.
What is the appeal of the Regency? Part of it is that it is a well-defined period that could be labeled a fantasy world. Readers know the rules.  It has its own dialogue. Fashions are strictly defined. The  arbitrary rules of the ton are set.  Social mores are understood. When a writer undertakes to write this form, he/she must follow the rules in order to recreate that authentic world that his/her readers are expecting. Here are some of those arbitrary rules that the Regency reader will become familiar with:

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