The Burnout Cure: A Gratitude Challenge!


Have you ever felt… stuck?
Maybe you’re not at the place you thought you’d be at this stage in life. Maybe you want a change of career, but you don’t know what. Or maybe, like the rest of us, you just can’t stand thinking about what to make for dinner every night. It’s a real problem!
Burnout can happen when you least expect it. In fact, usually you’re cruising right along, juggling family and professional responsibilities, and bam—it hits you.
And it feels like you just can’t do it anymore.
Some of us binge Netflix for two days and we’re good. Some of us take a night away from it all and blow off steam with friends. While some of us, still, find ourselves out of strategies to get through whatever is blocking our way.
As a writer, I face burnout. People have asked me time and again, how do you keep writing? At this point, I have released fifty-two sweet romances. The truth is; it takes a lot of strategies to keep myself fresh and focused. The best one I’ve found (what I would call my cure) is gratitude.
Since it’s November, it seemed fitting to share the process of gratitude that anyone can use, no matter what your family or professional situation may be, to hopefully get through and rise above the burn out faster.
This can be a secret sauce! And, it really does work wonders, at least for me.
Here’s the process:

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