Book Reviews from and Author's Perspective


I’ll be the first to admit this and do so proudly: I read my book reviews. Every single one, on every single book. And no, I’m not a glutton for punishment.

Reviews to me, as the author, are beneficial in a number of ways—and not just because fabulous ones increase my Goodreads rating. There is as much to learn from a glowing review as there is from a not-so-favorable one, if the reviewer explains why they rated the book the way they did.

As an author, I know just how much time, effort, sleepless nights, and worry go into writing, editing, and releasing a book into the universe. So when a reviewer adores a book, 5-stars it, and then makes sure those in their realm know about the book, as the author you float on a success high. Contemporary romance author Kari Lemor says, “When an author gets an excellent review, they should sing and dance and celebrate.”

I’ve done all three.

Urban Fantasy author Artemis Crow agrees. “Positive reviews are great. Who doesn’t love validation?” Too true.

But… there are always those who won’t love your book. The reasons are varied, and can include anything from the reader not liking the POV you’ve written in, can’t relate to the plot line or characters, or were expecting a sweet romance and the author had them having steamy sex on every conceivable surface they came across.

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