Behind the Curtains of a Disney Life, Pt. 3


Have you ever been a fan of someone famous? I don’t mean a passive admirer. I mean a real fan. The kind of hardboiled fan who studies a particular celebrity’s work and devours the tidbits about that celebrity’s life with a sort of endless zeal that frankly is reserved for stalkers.
Except, of course, fans are not really stalkers, they are just people who have found someone they unconditionally love and admire. And somehow the celebrities who they adore are not just entertainers, they are some kind of magical beings that shine a powerful beacon of talent into a part of our hearts.
When I decided to write my series of Polly Pepper mysteries, I had to think about fans and celebrities in order to create a star character who would really shine.
Strangely enough, three rather disjointed memories inspired me: a chance meeting with Barry Manilow, a business assignment with actor Cliff Robertson, and the shocking death of the celebrity-love-of-my-life Karen Carpenter. Each incident in its own way provided needed insight into the creation of my Hollywood celebrity-turned-sleuth.
When I was a kid, I just knew that I’d grow up and be best friends with Barry Manilow.
That still hasn’t happened. But I did get to meet the music legend. And, fun fact, now my home alarm security person is also Barry’s guy too.

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