Behind The Curtains Of A Disney Life


When fans ask what inspired me to write my comic murder mysteries, I have to confess. I spent thirty years being the nice guy in a not-so-nice Hollywood environment and after a while I found myself secretly fantasizing about murder quite a lot.  Not in a creepy kind of way…because I myself would never personally hurt a fly or a human being… but in a funny more socially acceptable kind of way.
More like Jessica Fletcher than Ted Bundy.

Rather than saying out loud to any Disney executive, “Hey, you mean and miserable troll!”—it would be more like, “My vote is on you! Jessica Fletcher should come to the office next week—to investigate your tragic and grisly murder.” After a hard day at Disney, that was the kind of murder fantasy I dreamed about when my head hit my pillow. Desk homicide. Murder by hostile squirrel. Anything with a flair for a humorous demise.
By day at Disney, one has little time to daydream about anything. My job, as with every writer, was to write. And re-write. And write more, more, and more! Any written word that went to the press, the writer has to compose. Although Disney’s animated film department had several staff writers, there is only one guy in the feature film publicity department who wrote for the live-action films.
I wrote everything you can imagine from a movie’s start to its finish, which included press releases to announce the film’s exciting production news and the media releases that sometimes exaggerated how well that same not-so-exciting movie had performed at the box office during its opening weekend. There were also announcements every time Huge-Star-So-and-So (Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Sandra Bullock, Angela Bassett, Robin Williams, or hundreds of others) had just been hired for an upcoming film.

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