Be Our Guest: But You Might Be In A Book!


In our house, you learned to roll with the punches, or in this case the punch line. Having a witty or snarky comeback was a necessary balance to offset our grisly conversations at dinner time. Living in a medical household usually led to gag inducing topics. Well...for the average person anyway. Not us. We learned to embrace it. My brother was really good at making milk came out of my nose from laughing so hard. In those days, my mother would always start the conversation by asking “So, did anything exciting happen today?” This would lead to a fascinating and in-depth look into the world of surgery. It was far more educational than what I would learn at school in biology class. The most intriguing cases were the most unexpected ones. You never knew what would happen in the Operating Room. Even the most routine surgeries could easily go sideways. For us, it was a way of life and a superb source of information.

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