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Romantic Heros... Sweet or Sexy?

Most of us have a favourite fictional hero – or a few favourites perhaps. There are the archetypes Heathcliffe, Rochester and Darcy whom we now see repeated many times in fiction, since they inspire our dreams. But would we really want them if we met them?

Last month, my friend Callie flew in from California with her boyfriend, Sean.   A recent graduate with a Ph.D in Philosophy in Chemistry, he and some other chemists are working on getting a book published.

To start with, the only reason I met Katie was that my mother caught me looking at porn.
That should tell you two things right off the bat. The first is that I'm not skipping the embarrassing stuff. I have no idea what really happened over the last month, so I'll write down everything I remember, and then I'll explain why it makes no sense.

“Just what makes that little ol’ ant think he’ll move that rubber tree plant? Anyone knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant!”
~ Sammy Cahn

Rising Star Spotlight

"It is the culture of southern Louisiana that spawned one of my favorite marketing ideas.  See, when I was a kid every time we went to the store and bought something, the store clerk would give us something extra.  It was usually a small token, nothing of much monetary worth, but it meant he valued you as a customer.  That's called 'lagniappe'.