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Over the last few years—perhaps a decade—there has been a noticeable shift in fiction, a shift for the darker. Fantasy fiction saw a rise of the genre known as grimdark, with similar trends reflected in science fiction. Dark romance has come out of the closet and become far more mainstream.

How To Build a Platforma You Care Enough About to Maintain

Leap Year!

Guess what?
Don’t you hate it when someone says that?
But seriously…guess what this year is?
It’s a Leap Year! Every four years we gain a day...2016, 2020, 2024, and so on. It’s a whole day to balance out our calendar.

What in the heck is deep POV, or deep point of view?

Mystery fiction is a curious genre. None of us condone murder or other gruesome crimes, yet when we dive into the pages of a good mystery story, we find the more bizarre and heinous the crime, the more enjoyment the tale ultimately brings us.