Back To The Future Rules: How To Keep Fiction Timeles


As the author of The Witches of Vegas series, I write this series to entertain young adults who like witches, vampires, stage magic, and fantasy. However, it's not written just for the young adults of today, I am writing for the ones who haven’t even been born yet. It is my goal that if a teenager, somewhere around the age of 15, in the year 2050 should ever find an old copy of "The Witches of Vegas" and choose to read it, they will be just as entertained as a teenager who reads it today.
To accomplish this, I follow a set of rules, a guideline, for when I write. I call them my “Back To The Future rules” because that series is referenced a number of times. Don’t get me wrong, I love "Back To The Future" and I am a huge fan of the franchise, but, despite what some may claim on social media fan pages, it is possible to love something and still recognize its flaws.
I would like to share with you my "Back To The Future" rules, which are based on my observations from books, TV shows, movies, and analyzing mistakes in my past writings prior to the award-winning Witches of Vegas series:
Rule #1: Try Not To Use Dates
As I said, I love the "Back To The Future" franchise. How could any Sci-Fi fan not salivate over the concept of traveling backwards and forwards through time? We all remember that moment when Marty McFly sees the far future for the first time, and all the technology we are destined to have in our lives. From flying cars, to hover boards, and even doors that use fingerprints as opposed to a doorknob and key.
It was like candy to the imagination, until we realize that their far future took place in 2015. The 'far future' was seven years ago, and none of those things exist, at least not yet. Someday, they may, but wouldn’t that scene have been far more powerful if it was still in our future and not in our past?

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