9 Fictional Couples That Make Us Believe in True Love


We all remember those first books that we read where two characters fall in love and find a semblance of happily ever after.
Some of us read these books when we were children and thought, “Ew! They’re kissing!” but later came to appreciate the love shared by the characters. Some characters we read as teens and enjoyed seeing the love we hoped for laid out on the page. Some were even discovered in adulthood and still left a mark on our hearts—after all, few things in life are more beautiful than love.
However we first encountered these fictional couples, they were imprinted indelibly on our hearts, and they are the reason we continue to enjoy reading romance in whatever books we dive into.

Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson
 How many young adults burned through the pages of Nancy Drew novels as she explored one haunted mansion/cottage/castle/swamp/pirate cove after another? Throughout her mystery-solving adventures, there was always one constant: the handsome, “best guy”, Ned Nickerson. Reliable, charming, and supportive, he was ever present when Nancy needed a hand or a partner-in-crime-solving. We might never have gotten a lip lock on the page, but there was no doubt in our minds that the pair were definitely perfect for each other.

Aragorn and Arwen
For young fantasy readers (like myself), the forbidden romance between a nobody human and the elven princess was all sizzle and sparkle. Though Tolkien rarely elaborated on the love between the pair, every time the dreamy elf stepped onto the page, sparks flew. Ultimately, she sacrificed her immortality so she could remain on Middle Earth and grow old with her human husband.

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