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Article Submission

InD'tale welcomes all article submissions and happily compensates all contributors with a short bio and picture plus a free full page advertisement (a $90.00 value) upon publication.  If you are interested in having your article published in a monthly issue of InD'tale, please read the following guidelines and information:

  • All articles must be between 850 - 1500 words (concrete on the low end, flexible on the high end.)
  • All articles must focus in on some aspect of reading, writing, or the publishing world. Topics can be as varied as historical eras or science fiction futures but MUST relate in some way to the reading or writing experience.
  • Articles must be written in an informative and/or entertaining way that includes all readers (rather than concentrating only on the author.) Personal experiences are accepted and often encouraged but they must relate directly to a larger message that is clearly explained.
  • We do not accept articles that are submitted for advertisement purposes only.
  • Articles must take into consideration our readership ranges from Adolescent to Old! All content must be PG-13 rated or lower and contain content appropriate for mainstream audiences only.
  • Subject matter diversity is encouraged as long as it is educational and/or entertaining and can relate to some aspect of reading, writing or the publishing industry.
  • Original work ONLY!  We do not accept articles that have been posted or published in other magazines, websites or blogs. Basic content is allowed but the article must have fresh information, new content, ideas, etc.
  • Once an article is accepted for publication, the author gives InD'tale magazine exclusive rights of usage for a three month period upon publication.
  • Accepted articles will be subject to editing of punctuation, spelling and minor wording changes. Any other editing changes and suggestions will be given to the author for acceptance or rejection.