Are You Afraid?!?


As we get closer to the end of this completely twisted and weird year, we do have some positive things to look forward to: The Holiday Season.
It may not be the same as we’re used to, but it's a bit of brightness on our horizons. And to kick it off, Halloween. You’ve gotta love Halloween! It’s that time of year where the ghouls, pumpkins, and spooky themes take over our front yards and little monsters knock on our doors asking for sweets. When it comes to holidays, this is one of my personal favorites because I like seeing the little kids, all wide-eyed, as they walk up our front path. It’s covered with spider webs, overgrown bushes, and gives off a creepy feel. And that’s even before I decorate. We try to go all out with huge fake spiders, floating ghosts and spooky sounds and lights coming from the lawn. I guess I’m just a big kid.
This year, of course, we have to think of different ways to hand out those treats. I figure we can slip into HazMat suits or maybe don a rubber diving suit. I'm not sure what the kids would think, and if I had a five-year-old I may not want him near someone covered in bright yellow plastic. Maybe we could use a long PVC pipe, sliding the candy through it into those bags or baskets. Hey, it's the year for weird, let’s embrace it.
Halloween also brings to mind more favorites for me; horror books and movies. A good horror story draws you in, as you sit on the edge of the seat, while your heart starts thundering. You get totally involved and then the author slaps you in the face with a wicked plot twist that leaves you sitting there muttering “Huh? What the heck was that?”

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