9 Books to Continue Your Steampunk Education


Are you utterly fascinated by Steampunk machinery, style, dress, and customs? Have the Victorian Era adventures of your favorite heroes and heroines set your mind ablaze and filled you with a desire to read more of it? If so, you've come to the right place! Steampunk is defined by Wikipedia as, “a retro-futuristic sub-genre of Science Fiction that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-Century industrial steam-powered machinery”.  Simply put, it’s using steam and gear powered machines to create current or futuristic technology. It’s typically set in the Industrial Revolution Era, with some “punk” or counterculture/anti-establishmentarian sub-themes.
By now, after reading our interview with Bec McMaster, you’re doubtless eager to dive into her London Steampunk series and devour all the thrilling adventures of her Victorian London characters. You’ll find that Steampunk is an absolutely riveting genre with no end of creativity and versatility. Best of all, there are a lot of amazing novels and series you can read.
Once you finish the London Steampunk, here are a few more books to help you continue your exploration of the world of steam and gears.
"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne
This is one of the original Steampunk novels, published nearly 150 years ago, in 1872! Though it was (and is) classified as Science Fiction, it absolutely fits the bill of “retro-futuristic” fiction, and defines Steampunk. The Nautilus is a ship far ahead of its time, with technology so “modern”, it could not have been possible when it was written. And yet, it is all powered by era specific steam and gear driven machines that enable it to do truly spectacular things. Jules Verne is one of the originators of the genre, so where better to continue your Steampunk education than by going back to the basics?

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