8 Ways Indie Publishing Has Revolutionized The World


Since self-publishing first became a possibility in the early 2000s, the industry has seen hundreds of drastic changes:
The rise and fall of Pronoun.
The enormous popularity of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.
The trend to departing Amazon exclusivity in favor of “publishing wide.”
The emergence of audiobooks.
Rapid releasing.
Ad platforms by BookBub, Facebook, and Amazon.

These, and a hundred more events, have shaped the face of the Indie publishing industry.
For readers, Indie publishing has also changed their world. Gone are the days when you “had no idea what to read”—now, most of us are laboring under TBR piles taller than Mt. Everest. There will never be a day when we run out of great reading options, and it’s all thanks to Indie publishing.
So, on this anniversary, I thought it would be a fun time to look at the many, many ways Indie publishing has forever changed the world of reading:
Readers are more in control than ever.
 Once upon a time, literary agents and traditional publishers controlled what was published and what you, the reader, had access to. Now, you are able to directly control the books offered to them simply by purchasing them. Authors who find that certain genres perform better than others (reverse harem, urban fantasy, and LitRPG are three notables in recent years) produce more works in those genres. Thus you, the reader, have a far weightier vote in what authors end up writing.
Genres are growing enormously vast.
Until ten years ago, no one had ever heard of LitRPG, “Flintlock fantasy” was a word only recently coined and rarely known, “Grimdark” was an uncommon word, and “romance” was used to describe any book with a hint of sparks between characters. Now, search any genre, and you’ll find dozens of sub-genres, each appealing to a specific taste or reader preference. Readers have the option to drill down deep within their favorite genres to find the books that truly and specifically appeal to them.

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