2022 RONE Award Finalists


Heirs of Falcon Point by Traci Hunter Abramson, Sian Ann Bessey, Paige Edwards, AL Sowards
Storm and Shelter by Bluestocking Belles
Christmas on Scandal Lane by Lauren Smith, Tabetha Waite, Anna St. Claire, Nadine Millard, and Dawn Brower


Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf, narrated by Jeffery Lynn Hutchins
Doubting Thomas by Elizabeth Rose, narrated by Kevin E. Green
A Rogue to Remember by Chasity Bowlin, narrated by Alexander Ralph
Out of Poland by Breakfield and Burkey, narrated by Derek Shoales
Clover by Nicole Kilpatrick, narrated by Cassandra Alling
Fire Maidens: Greece by Anna Lowe narrated by Kelsey Osborne

Contemporary: Cops, Jocks, Cowboys

Chute Boss   by Sophia Summers
Distracting the Deputy by Shanna Hatfield
Rugged Thirst by Sheri Fredricks
Broken Cowboy by Jamie Schulz

Contemporary: Steamy
The Wonder of You by Claire Marti
A Reckless Heart by Jennifer Wilck
Read Me by Lauren Connolly
What We Deserve  by Lizzie Stanley
Balance by Peggy Jaeger

Contemporary: Sweet

Oranges for Miranda by Annette Bower
Hometown by Wendy Rich Stetson
The Christmas Pact by Meg Easton
The Casserole Dish by Amey Zeigler


The Witch Collector by Charissa Weaks
Garden of Angels by Meara Platt
Wings of Fire by Stephanie Mirro

Historical Regency

My Lord Protector  by Cheryl Bolen
The Debutante and the Duke by Collette Cameron
Once Upon a Devilishly Enchanting Kiss by Bree Wolf
A Dangerous Pursuit by Laura Beers
Always the Second Choice by Emily EK Murdoch
Exiled Duke  by K.J. Jackson
Heart in the Highlands by Heidi Kimball

Historical: American

The Earl of Excess by Anna St. Claire
Grace - Brides of New Hope by Jo-Ann Roberts
The Truth of the Matter by Leigh Fleming

Historical: Ancient

The Dark Spawn by Kathryn Le Veque
The Ghost by Maeve Greyson
Snowdrop Cookie Wishes by Laura Strickland

Historical: Victorian-20th Century

A Proper Scoundrel by Esther Hatch
Earls Just Wanna Have Fun by Merry Farmer
Entranced by the Earl by Jillian Eaton
The Price of Glory  by Caroline Warfield
Mysterious Lover by Mary Lancaster


A Bargain of Blood and Gold by Kristin Jacques
Cinders of Yesterday by Jen Karner
Blood Pact by Courtney Maguire


Danger on the Loch by Paige Edwards
The Fog Ladies: In the Soup by Susan McCormick
An Embarrassment of Itches by M.K. Dean
Lost Creek Cabin by Susan Clayton-Goldner
Shopping Can Be Deadly by Charlotte Stuart

Paranormal: Long

Eternally Yours by Harper A. Brooks & Olivia Boothe
Bloodscourge by Sydney Winward
The Warrior King by Abigail Owen
The Untouched by Piper Sheldon
Craved: A Vampire Syndicate Romance by Rebecca Rivard
The Girl Who Belonged to the Sea by Katherine Quinn
Pints and Potions by T.M. Cromer

Paranormal: Short

Enchanted Magic by T.M. Cromer
Moonlight Becomes You by Robert Herold
Fire Maidens: Venice by Anna Lowe
Rorik  by Mary Morgan
Dance to a Wylder Beat by Marilyn Barr
Auras, Heirs, & Witchy Affairs by Sabrina A. Fish
It's a Wonderful Lie by Wren Michaels

Science Fiction/Time Travel

Thorn Bearer:Thornraven, Volume 3 by E.G. Manetti
Alien's Captive by Tina Moss
Return of the Raven by Judith Sterling
The 7th Lie by Tamara Grantham


Third Man on the Left by Roni Hall
Second Chance by Julie Coulter Bellon
Exposed: Tip of the Spear Series, Book 4 by Belle Ami
Fall to Pieces by Becky Flade
Winter Storm by Ellie Gray

Suspense/Thriller: Steamy

The Woman He Used to Know by Helen Starbuck
Mind Trap by Matt Cost
A Pride of Brothers: Aiden by Peggy Jaeger
Serve 'N' Protect by Tee O’Fallon

Young Adult
Seventeen Butterflies by Anna Katmore
Departures by E.J. Wenstrom
Journey to New Salem by Mark Rosendorf
Gravebriar by Casey L. Bond