2021 RONE Award Finalists


Contemporary Steamy:
Loving Scarlett - Kate Carley
Baked With Love - Peggy Jaeger
Hollyood Player  - Alexa Aston
Picture Us - Natalie Parker
Painting The Lines - Ashley R. King
Get Away Closer - S.H. Pratt
Christmas Rekindled - Sadira Stone

Historical Ancient - 1800:
Dark Warrior - Kathryn Le Veque
Tristan - Elizabeth Rose
Forget Me Not - Sarah M. Eden
My Victorious Knight - Laurel O'Donnell

Young Adult:
The Witches of Vegas - Mark Rosendorf
Clover - Nicole Kilpatrick
Things That Should Stay Buried - Casey L. Bond

Novella Ancient-Regency:
To Bargain with a Highland Buccaneer - Collette Cameron
The Scent of Love - Meara Platt
An Allusive Love - Aubrey Wynne
Fall of the Lyon - Chastity Bowlin
The Lyon's Lady Love - Alexa Aston

Paranormal Short:
Fire Maidens: Portugal - Anna Lowe
License to Bite - Carrie Pulkinen
Magnar - Mary Morgan
Tears of the Wolf - Sharon Buchbinder

The Fog Ladies: Family Matters - Susan McCormick
River Running Backwards - Susan Clayton-Goldner
Sprinkles of Suspicion - Kim Davis
Pharaoh's Forgery by Ellen Butler

Lethal Voyage - Kevin G. Chapman
A Pride of Brothers - Peggy Jaeger
Killer Score - Melinda Colt
More than Love - Olivia Michaels
Unexpected Risk - Desiree Holt
Witness to Slaughter - K.A. Lugo

Historical: Regency:
The Heart of Love - Meara Platt
The Steel Rogue - K J Jackson
To Win a Wicked Lord - Sofie Darling
Fall from Trace - Rebecca Connolly

Time Travel/Sci Fi:
Love Will Find You: The Knights of Berwyck - Sherry Ewing
Shield Bearer - E.G. Manetti
The Girl Who Adored Rembrandt - Belle Ami

Novella: Victorian-Contemporary:
Always the Wallflower - Emily EK Murdoch
Wrapped Up With You - Claire Marti
1-800-SUMMER - Josie Riviera
Death's Door - April White
A Bride for Luke - Caroline Clemmons

Historical: Scottish:
To Seduce a Highland Scoundrel - Collette Cameron
Highland Steel - Elizabeth Rose
The Reiver's Club - Laura Strickland
What the Hart Wants - Emily Royal *tie*
Deception and Desire - Aubrey Wynne *tie*

Unearthing the Fae King - Brenda Trim
Sparks - E.J. Wenstrom
Age of Druids - Christy Nicholas

Historical: Victorian-20th Century:
Always the Bluestocking - Emily EK Murdoch
Just A Little Heartache (LGBTQ) - Merry Farmer
Married to the Rogue - Mary Lancaster
Duke of Debauchery - Scarlett Scott

Paranormal Long:
Heart of Vengeance - Lisa Edmonds
Never Call Me Vampire - Tamara Grantham
The Dragon of Cecil Court - Genevieve Jack
Dark Wine at Death - Jenna Barwin
The Warrior's Progeny - Jeny Heckman

Cops, Jocks and Cowboys:
Protecting the Princess - Shanna Hatfield
Cupid Returns to the Lonesome Buzzard Ranch - Hebby Roman
A Fallacious Seduction - Virginia Barlow

Contemporary Sweet:
How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door - Meg Easton
The Story Between Us - Darlene Deluca
Gravity - Mona Sedrak
Underneath it All - Kathryn Biel
Not Over You - Heather B. Moore
Magic In The Snow - Ryan Jo Summers

Fire Maidens: Portugal - Anna Lowe
Earl of Darby - Aubrey Wynne/Harry Frost
Love Again at the Heart of Main Street - Meg Easton & Liz Crane
The Marquess Meets His Match - Julie Coulter Bellon
The Enigma Beyond - Breakfield & Burkey

Widows of Somerset - Jen Geigle Johnson et al
Once Upon a Twelfth Night - AJ Fenchel et al
Festivities and Felines - Candace Colt et al