2020 RONE Cover Award Finalists



Breaking the Sinner: Covers by Combs Out of the Red: Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Design
Seize the Day: Becky Monson Abigail Always: Kanaxa
Chasing Hope: JoAnna Walker Kiss & Makeup: Ashley Johnson
Out of the Shadow: Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs  


Conspiracy of Ravens: Anna L. Spies Lilith's Children: Olivia at MiblArt
Pricked: Strong Image Editing Company of the Damned: Julie Nicholls
Spellbound Captive: Fiona Jayde Loveless: Kelly Ann Martin
Nevermore: Anna L. Spies  


Beneath an Italian Sky: Rachael Anderson The Girl in Gray: Victorine Lieske
The Colonel: Josh Hollis The Chieftain: Dar Albert
Winter Hawk: Kelly Ann Martin Wolfeheart: Dar Albert
Gift of Grace: Shanna Hatfield  


Deadly Courtship: Anne Spies Eerilyfair Design The Indivisible and the Void: Kathryn Rosa Miller
Traitor's Code: Karri Klawiter Sky to Sea: Najla Qamber
Freeing Eden: Ginger Kenney Einstein's Compass: 1106 Design
Ink It Over: Rebecca Frank  


Janna of Castle Ambrose: Rue Volley The Aviary: Marya Heidel
Recruits: Sara Jo Cluff The Sword Chronicles: Michaelbrent Collings
North to Nara: Najla Qamber Roseblood: Molly Phipps
The Garden: Marya Heidel  


Hidden: Nathalie M.L. Römer Flies in the Punchbowl: Carlos Esparza
Sketches of Life: Kelly Ann Martin Roman's Revenge: Kelly Ann Martin
Lever Templar: Melissa Volker Spent Identity: Isabel Robalo
Marked: Kelly Ann Martin