2020 RONE Awards


 WEEK ONE: April 13 - 19 

Paranormal: Short (6 Finalists)

Reign of Fire - Casi McLean

Moonsworn - Amber Renard

Natalya - Heidi Vanlandingham

Burned to a Crisp - K. A. Miltimore

Charm Me Again - Tena Stetler

Dark Feathers - Natalina Reis

Essential Magic - T. M. Cromer

Ishtar's Legacy - Rachel Sullivan

Love Spell in London - Shereen Vedam

Biting the Curse - Stacy McKitrick

Tame the Blade - Alyna Lochlan

Fire Maidens: Paris - Anna Lowe

Blood King - Amber K. Bryant

Matching Bloodlines - Deborah Garland

Love & Omens - Carrie Pulkinen

Manhattan Dragon -  Genevieve Jack


Contemporary: Sweet (5 Finalists)

Ponytails and Promises - Annette Bower

A Holiday Affair - Michele Paige Holmes

The Billionaire's Alternate Marriage - Tamie Dearen

Catching Waves - Kimberly Krey

Let's Begin Again - Heather B. Moore

Suddenly Required Bride - Jo Noelle

So Long As We're Together - Glenda Burgess

Callie's Second Chance for Love - Allie Kincaid

Missing Pieces - Susan Clayton-Goldner

Finding Her Forever - Ann V. Stewart

A Heart's Design - Natalee Cooper


Audiobooks (4 Finalists)

Life Goes On - Kelly Moore/Sarah Puckett

Rebel Bear - Anna Lowe/Kelsey Osborne

The Enigma Broker - Breakfield and Burkey/Derek Shoales

The Unfinished Garden - Barbara Claypole White/Ana Clements/Paul Heitsch

War Serenade - Jill Wallace/Peter Noble

Devoted to the Duke - Alexa Aston/Price Waldman

Starless - Kathryn Le Veque/Brad Wills

The Captain - Julie Coulter Bellon/Tristan Wright

Captivated by a Vampire - Susan Griscom/John York/ Gracia Gilland

Think Like a Bartender - LD Morrow/LD Morrow

By the Unholy Hand - Kathryn Le Veque/Dene Woods

High Warrior - Kathryn Le Veque/Patrick Hopkins


WEEK TWO: April 20 - 26

Historical: Regency (7 Finalists)

The Baron's Daughter - Laura Beers

The Marquess Meets His Match - Julie Coulter Bellon

The Vulgar Heart - Mary Lancaster

And the Widow Wore Scarlet - Adele Clee

Last Duke Standing - Cheryl Bolen

Devoted to the Duke - Alexa Aston

Lady of Charade - Ellie St. Clair

The Lieutenant and the Lady - Collette Cameron

Unkept Promises - Jude Knight

Her Midnight Sin - Sofie Darling

How to Wake a Sleeping Lady - Bree Wolf

The Unlikely Spy Catchers - Carla Kelly

The Iron Earl - K. J. Jackson

The Charity of a Viscount - Linda Rae Sande

The Duke's Dangerous Kiss - Patricia Barletta

A Hand for the Duke - Meredith Bond

Butterfly Bride - Ginger Hanson

Necessary Sins - Elizabeth Bell

The Song of Love -  Meara Platt


Young Adult (4 Finalists)

Ava - Charyse Allan

Cherokee Summer - Susan Anthony

Gumshoe and the Mysterious Mushrooms - Laura Hawk

North to Nara - Amanda Marin

Portal Through the Veil - Miranda Lynn

Recruits - Sara Jo Cluff

Running from the Dark - Tifani Clark

The Event - Whitney Dineen

The Gathering Dark - Brett Armstrong

The Apocalypse Five - Stacey Rourke


Cops, Jocks & Cowboys (4 Finalists)

Bloody Creek Murder - Susan Clayton-Goldner

Sleeping Mallows - Tammera L. Cooper

Second Sight - Patricia D. Eddy

Gone - Karyn Good

Trusting Travis - Margaret Desmond

Flirting with First - Sophia Summers, Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connolly

Game Changer - Sierra Hill

Nobody Else But You - Claire Marti

Waratah Inn - Lilly Mirren


WEEK THREE: April 27 - May 3

Historical: Victorian - 20th Century (7 Finalists)

Cultivating a Fuji - Miriam Drori

Beneath an Italian Sky - Stacy Henrie

The Awakening of Lord Ambrose - Chastity Bowlin

A Hint of Starlight - Lynne Connolly

Moon Water - Pam Webber

Nobody's Duke - Scarlett Scott

Lord Darkness - Sydney Jane Baily

Evie - Shanna Hatfield

The Colonel - Beau North

Roderick's Widow - Emily Royal

The Balcony Girl - Tina Susedik

The Pretender's - Marti Ziegler

The Wicked Sister - Mary Lancaster

The Innocent Wife - CiCi Cordelia

Surrender to Honor - Elizabeth St. Michel

Controlled Burn - Lynda J Cox

Lessie: Brides of New Hope - Jo-Ann Roberts

Ropin' the Moon - Deborah Camp

Breaking Point - John Rhodes

Winter Hawk - Carolyn Lampman



Romantic Comedy (4 Finalists)

Seize the Day - Kathryn R. Biel

Loving Like Jane - Connie E. Sokol

All the Wrong Places - Randi Perrin

Let It Be Me - Laura Chapman

Mischievously Mine - Leigh W. Stuart

Starfish - Lisa Becker

Babies at Coconuts - Beth Carter



Time Travel / Science Fiction (4 Finalists)

To Weave a Highland Tapestry - Mary Morgan

The Korpes Agenda - J. I. Rogers

Angel Fierce - Vijaya Schartz

Love Thy Galatic Enemy - Edward Hoornaert

The Girl Who Loves Caravaggio - Belle Ami

Curse of the Amber - Kathryn Troy

Bond Proof - EG Manetti

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd - Christy Nicholas

Tribe of Daughters - Kate L. Mary


WEEK FOUR: May 4 - 10

Historical: Ancient - 18th Century (4 Finalists)

Heart of Ashes - Paula Quinn

Nordic Moon: The Cambels - K. E. Saxon

Beast of the Bay - Mia Pride

Forgotten Secrets - Elizabeth Rose

Gabriel: The Sword & the Spirit - Avril Bothiry

The Promise - Kathryn Le Veque

Kingslayer's Daughter - Anna Markland

The Guardian - Maeve Greyson

Severed Knot - Cryssa Bazos

The Secret of Skye Isle - Marisa Dillon

Lord of the Wilderness - Elizabeth St. Michel



Fantasy (6 Finalists)

Dream Breakers, Oath Takers - Jacqueline Jayne

Otterby's Child - Victoria Bastedo

The Defender - Rachel Rossano

Charmed Against All Odds - Betty Bolte

Warlock from Wales - Shereen Vedam

Last Dream of Her Mortal Soul - K Bird Lincoln

The Whisperers of Evernow - Heidi Catherine

Tides of Time - Luna Joya

The Legend of Crying Girl Creek - Robena Grant

Amber Ruin - Suzanne M Sabol

The Night House - J.C. McKenzie

The Rogue King - Abigail Owen

The Paradox of Love - Teri Harman

A Hundred Breaths - Jean M. Grant



Contemporary: Steamy (6 Finalists)

Forbidden by Time - Negeen Papehn

The Gift - Elizabeth Smith

I've Got You - Becca Seymour

Typhoon Toby - R. L. Merrill

Chasing Hope - Dana Wayne

Oh, Baby! - Jill Blake

Crossroads Corner - Brenda Margriet

See Me - Michele Arris

Julia's Wish - Kay Harris

Out of the Red - Arell Rivers

The Winter of My Love - J L Lora

Will Rise From Ashes - Jean M. Grant

Beyond the Dark - S. H. Pratt

Then There Was You - Lynn Crandall

Cold Horizon - Kristy McCaffrey

The Courage it Takes - Kate Carley




WEEK FIVE: May 11 - 17

Suspense / Thriller (5 Finalists)

Code of Conduct - April White

On Hallowed Ground - Jansen Schmidt

Cash Valley: An Unsafe Place - Ryan K. Nelson

Beta Reader - Cassandra Jamison

A Soldier's Honor - Evelyn Timidaiski

A Tangled Web - A. Claire Everward

Salvaging Truth, Hunters & Seekers - Joanne Jaytanie

Dark Justice - Angela Smith

Break My Bones - Rachael Tamayo

For the Love of a SEAL - Dixie Lee Brown

A Divided Mind - M. Billiter

Whispers in the Night - Kelliea Ashley

Playing Jasper - Ginger Ring



Novella (6 Finalists)

Small Town Storm - Allie Harrison

Fatal Break - Beth Prentice

Healing Emily's Heart - CiCi Cordelia

Lion Dancing for Love Laura Boon

Soul of the Storm - Jean M. Grant

Burned by Desire - Lily LaVae

Dark Past - Laura Hunsaker

Dragon Burning Bright - Michelle Fox

The Burn - Kristal Dawn Harris

The Monster's Lover - Samantha MacLeod

The Shadowheart Curse - Karilyn Bentley

Constellation XXI - Edward Hoornaert

The Marriage of Time - Mariah Stone

Faceoff - Rebecca Connolly, Heather B. Moore, Sophia Summers

Port Hope - Clover Autrey

Twice as Bad, Miss Deameanor, P.I. - Joanne Jaytanie



Mystery (5 Finalists)

Disappeared and Found - Kerry Reis

Room Service & Murder - Melissa Baldwin

The Magic of a Billionaire - Marie Higgins/Stacey Haynes

When Mountains Fall - Rolynn Anderson

No Accounting for Destiny - Kimberly Emerson

Sprinkled in Malice - Catherine Bruns

Death by Dissertation - Kelly Brakenhoff

Miami Days Havana Nights - Linda Bennett Pennell

Murder in Plane Sight - Julie Holmes

Murder in the Cards - Tony Piazza

Lovely Digits - Jeanine Englert

Bloody Creek Murder - Susan Clayton Goldner




WEEK SIX: May 18 - 24

Paranormal: Long (5 Finalists)

Eden's Voice - Catherine Stein

Vermilion Lies - L.D. Rose

A Deal with Death - Carrie Pulkinen

Hot Magic - Catherine Kean

Taming the Beast - JF Holland

Charming Marjani - Rebecca Rivard

Waking the Dead - Kerry Blaisdell

Bishop Takes Knight - McKenna Dean

Exile in Darkness - Annalisa Carr

The Tao of the Viper - Linda Watkins

Boleyn Curse - Deborah Cohen

Midnight's Redemption - Isobelle Cate

Dark Wine at Dusk - Jenna Barwin

Fidele - Jenna Lynn Brown


The Dragon of New Orleans - Genevieve Jack


Historical: Novella (6 Finalists)

Seduced by the Pirate    Maggi Andersen

Duke of Havoc    Whitney Blake

The Pirate's Bluestocking - Chastity Bowlin

God of the Seas - Alexa Aston

The Sea Hellion - Sky Purington

Wolfeheart - Ashe Barker

The Sinclair Hound - Caroline Lee

Quinlan's Quest - Sylvia McDaniel

Raider of the Deep - Jennae Vale

Ophelia - Charlene Raddon

Earl of Scarborough - Collette Cameron

Seeking Rachel - Josie Riviera

Gift of Faith - Shanna Hatfield

The Pirate's Redemption- Ruth A. Cassie



Anthology (4 Finalists)

Meows and Mistletoe - Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Sharon Buchbinder, Candace Colt, Darcy Devlon, Mia Ellas, Debra Jess, Kristal Hollis, Kerry Evelyn, Catherine Kean

Mercer's Belles - Heather B. Moore, Teri Harman, Linda Carroll-Bradd

Timeless Regency Collection: A Week in Brighton - Jennifer Moore, Annette Lyon, Donna Hatch

Timeless Regency Collection: An Evening at Almack's - Sally Britton, Sarah M. Eden, Elizabeth Johns

Timeless Romance Anthology: Kissing a Billionaire - Danyelle Ferguson, Sarah M. Eden, Taylor Hart, Heather B. Moore, Sophia Summers, Annette Lyon

The Midnight Hour: All Hallow's Bride - Kathryn Le Veque, Meara Platt, Scarlett Scott, Mary Lancaster, Maggi Andersen, Chastity Bowlin, Sydney Jane Baily, Violetta Rand

Stars Are Shining Brightly - Paual Quinn, Aubrey Wynne, Meara Platt, Sydney Jane Baily, Collette Cameron, Alexa Aston, Avril Bothiry, Mary Lancaster, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Lynne Connolly

Submit Horror - Steven Deighan