2020 RONE Award Results



Paranormal: Short

WINNER: Fire Maidens: Paris - Anna Lowe

1st RUNNER UP: Love & Omens - Carrie Pulkinen

2nd RUNNER UP: Essential Magic - T.M. Cromer

Contemporary: Sweet

WINNER: Catching Waves - Kimberly Krey

RUNNER-UP: Let's Begin Again - Heather B. Moore



WINNER: War Serenade - Jill Wallace/Peter Noble

Starless - Kathryn Le Veque/Brad Wills


Historical: Regency

WINNER: Her Midnight Sin - Sofie Darling

1st RUNNER UP: The Baron's Daughter - Laura Beers

2nd RUNNER-UP: The Lieutenant and the Lady - Collette Cameron


Young Adult

WINNER: Gumshoe and the Mysterious Mushrooms - Laura Hawks

RUNNER -UP: The Apocalypse Five - Stacey Rourke


Cops, Jocks & Cowboys

WINNER: Game Changer - Sierra Hill

RUNNER UP: Second Sight - Patricia D. Eddy


Historical: Victorian - 20th Century

WINNER: Surrender to Honor - Elizabeth St. Michel

1st RUNNER UP: The Balcony Girl - Tina Susedik

2nd RUNNER UP: The Wicked Sister - Mary Lancaster


Romantic Comedy

WINNER: Starfish - Lisa Becker

RUNNER UP: Seize the Day - Kathryn R. Biel

Time Travel / Science Fiction

WINNER: Tribe of Daughters - Kate L. Mary

RUNNER-UP: The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio - Belle Ami


Historical: Ancient - 18th Century

WINNER: The Guardian - Maeve Greyson

RUNNER-UP: The Promise - Kathryn Le Veque


WINNER: The Rogue King - Abigail Owen

1st RUNNER UP: Tides of Time - Luna Joya

2nd RUNNER UP: A Hundred Breaths - Jean M. Grant


Contemporary: Steamy

WINNER: Will Rise From Ashes - Jean M. Grant

1st RUNNER UP: I've Got You - Becca Seymour

2nd RUNNER-UP: Cold Horizon - Kristy McCaffrey


Suspense / Thriller

WINNER: A Tangled Web - A. Claire Everward

RUNNER-UP: For the Love of a SEAL - Dixie Lee Brown



WINNER: The Shadowheart Curse - Karilyn Bentley

1st RUNNER UP: Dragon Burning Bright - Michelle Fox

2nd RUNNER UP: Fatal Break - Beth Prentice


WINNER: Sprinkled in Malice - Catherine Bruns

RUNNER-UP: Lovely Digits - Jeanine Englert


Paranormal: Long

WINNER: The Dragon of New Orleans - Genevieve Jack

RUNNER-UP Waking the Dead - Kerry Blaisdell


Historical: Novella

WINNER: The Sinclair Hound - Caroline Lee

1st RUNNER-UP: Earl of Scarborough - Collette Cameron

2nd RUNNER UP: The Best is Yet to Be - Kathryn LeVeque


Anthology (4 Finalists)

WINNER: The Midnight Hour: All Hallow's Bride - Kathryn Le Veque, Meara Platt, Scarlett Scott, Mary Lancaster, Maggi Andersen, Chasity Bowlin, Sydney Jane Baily, Violetta Rand

RUNNER-UP: Stars Are Shining Brightly - Paual Quinn, Aubrey Wynne, Meara Platt, Sydney Jane Baily, Collette Cameron, Alexa Aston, Avril Bothiry, Mary Lancaster, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Lynne Connolly