2019 RONE Awards

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Suspense/Thriller (6 finalists)   
Thirty-Three Days - Stephen B. King
Tormented - Susan Clayton-Goldner
Fire Setters - Debra Erfert
On His Six - Patricia D. Eddy
Falcon's Prey - Terry Odell
Shadow of Doubt -  Linda Poitevin

Audiobook: Paranormal/Mystery (4 finalists)   
Magic of the Loch - Karen Michelle Nutt/Heather McRae
Bombshell - Pamela Fagan Hutchins/Chanté McCormick
The Girl Who Knew da Vinci - Belle Ami/Gary Furlong
Lorelei's Lyric - D. B. Sieders/Stephanie Kay  *tie*
Body Wave -  Nancy J. Cohen/Mary Ann Jacobs  *tie*

Young Adult (4 finalists)   
Soul Catchers - Carrie Pulkinen
Glamour of Midnight - Casey L. Bond
The Stone Awakened - Judith Sterling
The Spellbinder's Sonata - Stephanie Keyes

Paranormal:  Short (6 finalists)   
Inception - Laxmi Hariharan
Eye of the Eagle - Sharon Buchbinder
The Haunting of Hillwood Farm - Kathryn Knight
Sea Dragon's Hunger - Rebecca Rivard
Dragon Slayer, Dragon Light - Isobelle Cate
Autumn Magic - T.M. Cromer

Historical:  Ancient - 16th Century (3 finalists)   
A Wolfe Among Dragons - Kathryn Le Veque
Seductive Secrets - Elizabeth Rose
Overruled by Fate - Leila Snow

Inspirational/Women's Fiction (4 finalists)   
The Billionaire's Secret Marriage - Tamie Dearen
Robert's Rules - J. F. Riordan
September's Song - Ryan Jo Summers
Better Together - Jessie Gussman

Historial:  Victorian - 20th Century (5 finalists)   
The Unexpected Wife - Caroline Warfield
Out of Splinters and Ashes - Colleen L. Donnelly
A Fair Trade - Laylah Abrams
The Substitute Wife - CiCi Cordelia
Everything But the Earl - Willa Ramsey


Audiobook:  General (4 finalists)   
Maybe This Time - Susan B. James/Stephanie Bentley
The Engima Stolen - Breakfield and Burkey/Derek Shoales
Music to My Years - Artie Kane/Artie Kane
Not a Blueprint, It's the Shoe Print That Matters - Nina Norstrom/Sara Morsey


Mystery (4 finalists)   
Stowaway - Darcy Flynn
Wine Thief - Mary Billiter
Handbags & Homicide - Anne Marie Stoddard
Thrill Girl -Jack Curran

Historical:  Scottish (5 finalists)   
To Redeem a Highland Rake - Collette Cameron
Rodrick the Bold - Suzan Tisdale
Highland Secrets - Elizabeth Rose
The Warrior's Mission - Mia Pride
Highland Honor - Madelyn Hill

Anthology (3 finalists)   
Timeless Regency Collection:  Wedding Wagers - Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore, Michele Paige Holmes
A Thousand Doors - J. T. Ellison and numerous others
Timeless Victorian Collection: The Queen's Ball -  Anthea Lawson, Jennifer Moore, Rebecca Connolly

Fantasy (5 finalists)   
Queen of the Night Guild - Andy Peloquin
Trial of a Warrior - Mary Morgan
Wicked Darkness - Victoria Zak
A Weapon of Magical Destruction - Katie Salidas
Misfortune of Time - Christy Nicholas


Paranormal:  Long (5 finalists)   
Heart of Ice - Lisa Edmonds
Debriefing the Dead - Kerry Blaisdell
Werewolves Only - Carrie Pulkine   
Winter Magic - T. M. Cromer
Bewitching the Beast - Tamara Hughes

Novella (5 finalists)   
Only a Duke Would Dare - Collette Cameron
Two Hearts, One Stone - Leslie Scott
Silver Bells - Ev Bishop
Wet Kisses - Susan Griscom
For the Love of Laura Beth - Aubrey Wynn

Contemporary:  Sweet (3 finalists)   
Summer Bride - Shanna Hatfield
Six Months - Mona Sedrak
Just Right - Jessie Gussman  *tie*
Marshmallows and Mistletoe - Marianne Rice *tie*

Contemporary:  Steamy (6 finalists)   
Going Down on One Knee - Christina Hovland
Sexy Bad Boss - Tami Lund/Misti Murphy
Masquerade - Desiree Holt
A Season to Dance - Rebecca Heflin
Just For You - Kay Harris
Sworn to Forget - Maria Imbalzano


Time Travel/Sci-Fi (3 finalists)   
Serengeti Valor: The Apprentice - EG Manetti
Winds of Time - Lilly Gayle
The Breaking of Dawn - KC Klein

Historical:  17 Century - Regency (5 finalists)   
A December with a Duke - Collette Cameron
The Devil in the Duke - K. J. Jackson
One Moment in Time - Sherry Ewing
The Daring Miss Darcy - Adele Clee
Only You:  Duke of Rutland - Elizabeth St. Michel