Special Promotions

Magazine: Rising Star Spotlight

In every month's issue of InD'tale magazine, we will highlight one author or industry professional that exhibits exceptional promise. This author will enjoy two page interview complete with pictures, cover images and embedded buy links.

You will be contacted soon after purchase concerning your interview.  If InD'tale finds the requirements below have not been met, a $10.00 service fee will be charged upon all refunded money.

Promotion Availablity:
December 1, 2017
  • Authors must have at least THREE books in Publication.
  • A minimum of 30 reviews on Goodreads (or 40 reviews on Amazon) for at least two books.
  • An overall rating of 4.0 or higher on at least one of those books.
  • At least one of those books must have been reviewed by InD'tale magazine and received a 3.5 rating or higher
  • Qualifying books must be mainstream (no erotica)


Are you an up-an-coming author and would like to tens of thousands of readers to be introduced to you and have the chance to get to know you better?  Well, this is the feature for you!  This is a one page feature that includes the authors picture, biography and includes book images and clickable buy-links!  

Promotion Availablity:
February 1, 2017

Newsletter: InD'tale Suggests, Book Review

Did your book receive good reviews from InD'tale magazine? Would you like even more people to see that review? There is only space for 4 reviews each month so YOURS will be the one to shine! This also allows over 15,000 readers to access to your book on a more personal level.     Includes full review, cover image and embedded buy links.

Future dates available: October 21st, November 30th

Promotion Availablity:
October 21, 2017
  • Book must have been reviewed by InD'tale Magazine and received a 4 star rating or higher.

Book Bargains:

For a Limited time!  30% off InD'Scribably Awesome sale!  Now through October 10th only $20.00!

Are you running a special promotion for your book?  Have you priced it at a bargain rate that you would like readers to know about?  Well, this is the place to spread the word! 

(books must be free or discounted to no higher than $3.99) Shortly after purchase you will be contacted by InD'tale for information and discount dates.

Includes cover image, buy links and short synopsis.  Future dates available include:  November 9th, December 7th

Promotion Availablity:
October 10, 2017