The Sound & The Fear: Conveying Fright in Audiobooks

Ann M. Richardson &
Carla Mercer-Meyer

Every year, as the Halloween season descends, I grow ever more excited for all aspects of the ghoulish holiday. I decorate my home with miles and miles of fake spider webs, hang life-sized skeletons from our vaulted ceiling, replace paintings in the dining room with advertisement signs for “Intense Neck Massage” and “Blood Stain Removal” deals. But, of special decadence for me, is the time I set aside each night throughout the month of October to watch scary movies. I don’t care if they’re old, silly, or truly disturbing—I love the adrenalin rush, and the knowledge that it’s only a movie—I can snuggle safely in my bed under the covers that night and nothing will decapitate me. Horror audiobooks…
So, what is different about watching a movie, listening to an audiobook, or reading a book in the horror genre?
First of all, the more physical the experience, the better. I just can’t explain the shivers I get when I watch the scene from “Sightings” where the alien is on the roofline of the house for a brief second. I think it has to do with the fact that more of my senses are involved than just my eyes. I can hear the sound effects, I can see the darkness, and the rapid movement of the alien.

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