Rising Star Spotlight: Victoria Barbour


You were born and raised in Newfoundland... St John’s to be exact?  Tell us what it was like growing up there and living above your family restaurant!
St. John’s–anywhere in Newfoundland, really–is the place of my dreams. I didn’t realize it when I was younger, of course. I had a desperate case of wander lust. It took living in three other Canadian provinces to make me realize that Dorothy was right; there’s no place like home. And there’s no fish and chips like Ches’s. When I think back on growing up above a fish and chips restaurant, I think of the sense of family. My grandparents and aunt lived next door (the restaurant was started by my grandfather, Ches Barbour). That accounted for all my Dad’s family. But thanks to my mom, who comes from a family of 14 and a town of about 300, our house and business was often full of family and friends. It’s that bond of community and closeness that I bring into my writing all the time. I feel like I had the best of both worlds growing up. When I set out to start my small-town romance series, there was no other place I could have set it than in rural Newfoundland. It’s what I love and know best.
When did the writing bug hit you?

Read the entire interview in the May 2017 issue of InD'Tale magazine.

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