Rising Star Spotlight: Mya O'Malley


I think everyone is curious as to what it would be like growing up in the suburbs of New York City!  Tell us about it. "I feel lucky to have grown up so close to New York City, with all of the vibrancy and energy less than an hour away. I love the fact that I’m in such close proximity to all of the culture and arts the city provides but far enough that I can enjoy the mountains and beautiful landscape the suburbs have to offer. Living in the suburbs of the city is wonderful; the area is so beautiful and rich in history, yet quiet and peaceful. For me, I feel like it’s the perfect place to live.  I love experiencing all of the vivid seasons; especially autumn!" Would you ever consider moving?  If so where? "Right now, I’m extremely happy living here. I have my job as a teacher close by and all of my family and friends.  Who knows, maybe one day after I retire I would consider relocating. I’ve visited many different places and love them all– But for now, I’m home. I would love to travel to see more of the world–I’d love to see Ireland, Spain and Italy. In the U.S., I’d like to visit the Pacific Coast–California, Washington and Oregon."

Read the entire interview in the March 2017 issue of InD'Tale magazine.

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