Recent Reviews

The Emerald Cave
James B.

In “The Emerald Cave”, main character Vince Ramsey – who apparently appears as protagonist in several of the author’s books, although these books can each be read as a standalone – is hunting down a notorious arms dealer. He’s aided in this task by one of his colleagues, Daniel, and his love interest, April.

The Diary
De Ross

GOTHIC:  In Transylvania, a castle is uncovered that once belonged to Erzsébet Báthory, the infamous Blood Countess. Cameraman Hunter Cole and journalist Serena Scott are called to the castle to make a documentary about the discovery. The more they work together, the more they’re drawn to one another, as Serena uncovers certain hidden depths to Hunter’s character.

Rule Breakers, Soul Takers

For over a century, gifted humans from the elite, secret organization called Hell Runners Society have sworn to rescue lost souls from the First Ring of Hell. Prudence Luckett wants nothing more than to be a Soul Saver.

Billionaire Logan Mitchell has problems managing his psychic abilities. His inability to control his emotions turns him into an obsessive mess that threatens his physical and mental health. Couple that with the ghost that is haunting him, and things aren’t going well at all for the business man. Medium Allison Gray wants to help Logan get a handle on his abilities.

Pauly Byrne has fought hard. As the only female starting pitcher on a professional baseball team, it hasn’t been easy. While she faces a decision whether to turn her talents to coaching, she finds herself in a difficult position when one of her teammates fails a drug test right before the playoffs. Enter Ian Pratt. To say he and Pauly are opposites would be an understatement.