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Broken Bitch

Callie McKenzie’s life has been nothing except abandonment, pain, loss, suffering, and abuse. Born to a crack-addicted mother and unknown father, Callie finds her way into foster care where she is used as a babysitter, maid, and cook. Finally adopted by loving parents, Callie is excited for her new life until a terrible tragedy changes her future.

Making Him Wild

Talia Callaway has landed a new job at TAME Technology as an app coder. What truly catches her eye at this new job, however, is her coworker, playboy Grady McMahan. They innocently flirt during the day, and she dreams of him in the evenings. Having been through a terrible previous engagement, Talia is extremely cautious. When Grady invites her on a night out, Talia gingerly accepts.

When Cambria Clyne—klutzy, twenty-something single mom who’s desperate but unqualified—takes a job as an apartment manager at an LA complex, she thinks her life is finally about to turn around for the good. She’s right. Until she finds a dead body in the apartment dumpster, and a crime spree races through the complex.

Take a trip back in time to Depression-Era 1934 Texas. Historic droughts dry up the country and economic confusion shakes the nation. It’s a turbulent time and Texas is slowly dying, when three teen-agers from very different walks of life meet at a crossroad. This story tells of how they come of age and come together against the backdrop of legendary gangsters Bonnie and Clyde.

Price MacCann was raised in a family of vigilantes. She has been trained as an assassin, with a superb successful kill rate. Then she was involved in a death that hit too close to home and has spent the last year trying to step away from the vigilante part of her family. She tries to thrive in a normal nine-to-five existence, but her family is pressuring her to resume her previous life.