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TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Emma is not your typical twenty-one year old. After being abandoned by her mother, she was raised by her grandparents in their retirement home, spending her weekends playing board games with senior citizens. Her life had some stability, until her grandfather passed away, followed by her grandmother two short years later.

During World War II, Ruth, Hannah and Gabi’s lives are torn apart when a bomb destroys their home, and their parents are thought to have been killed in the blast.

In order to land the lead role in an upcoming play, Jace must win a bet his friends make him: kiss a girl of their choosing on three different occasions, two of which must be initiated by the girl, and all before auditions in two week’s time.  Under normal circumstances, with his good looks and charm, Jace would have no problem.

Meridee enjoys blending in and being a "nobody" on campus.  This does not keep her from daydreaming about the star football player, however, even if she knows she cannot possibly catch his attention.  Parker has never looked twice at the girl behind the ice cream counter, until the day in the cafeteria he literally runs into Meridee and spills orange chicken down her front.  Now, although he ha

Sara is late to work again and her favorite local coffee house is now closed for renovations. Now what? She cannot possibly face the evil boss she works for without her morning jolt. She locates another coffee shop on her way and on her way in makes a stumbling fool of herself. Then she sees the most beautiful set of olive-colored eyes. Whoa! Heart-stopping electricity passes over Sara.