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Locked inside a tower by an evil witch, Rapunzel de Bar refuses to wait any longer for one of her five brothers to rescue her. She takes matters into her own hands and escapes through the window, landing quite literally onto Marco Drago del Rossi III. A bounty hunter who has lost both his bounty and his horse, Marco has problems of his own.

My Vampire

Collegian Sasha is an otherworldly storm sprite whose blood is irresistible to vampires.  She is saved by a sexy vampire, and in the process, they form a special bond.  Killian is her vampire protector, but both of them want more.  As Sasha is targeted by demons seeking a special amulet and her ability to activate it, and other vampires who want her blood, her vampire is there to protect her. 


Anne Fleming abandons her life as a graduate student after a traumatic incident, fleeing to England.  On the plane, she has encounters that will change the course of her life.  Bain Tierney is a dark-haired, dark-eyed Irish bad boy that draws the emotionally damaged Anne like a moth to a flame.  He suggests she take a room where he stays, a boarding house called Wildfell.  Wildfell has a sinist

Bric MacRohan is High Warrior, fearsome leader of House of Winter’s war machine.  He scorns marriage until he is forced to wed the timid, beautiful Lady Eiselle de Gael.  Surprisingly, strong feelings for his wife develop quickly, but a grievous injury in battle and a terrible accident leaves him stricken.

Kiuno wakes up alone in a strange wood, with nothing but the clothes on her back. Confused and disorientated, she wanders the forest until she stumbles across an encampment of people whose circumstances are like her own. She makes alliances with others in this strange world. Together, they determine that they are trapped in a game they all played in the ‘real world’.