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It is fire season in the Montana Mountains and as a newcomer, Vangie is feeling the tension in the air. For all her concerns, she never expected the danger to come from a murder connected to her bakery. While Vangie knows she didn’t do it, someone seems determined to make her pay for the death anyway.

Jonas Parker, the Earl of Harrington, is not interested in following his grandfather’s dictates, even if the man is the Duke of Southington. Introduced to The Wicked Earls’ Club by his mentor, Lord Coventry, Jonas has finally found a safe haven from his grandfather’s machinations.

Jessamine McMahon has made a career out of writing the sensational as well as the factual, but in Bear Grass Springs, her writings are hitting a bit too close to home. Her frequent target, Ewan MacKinnon (dubbed by Jessamine as the town’s “most disreputable gentleman”), is determined to show Jessamine there is a better way. Ewan has no interest in marriage or love.

HISTORICAL:  Adaira lives with a deep secret: she is a blood drinker, courtesy of the evil Unseelie Queen who made a blood pact with Adaira and her two younger sisters in exchange for taking their abusive and cruel stepfather’s life. The blood pact can never be broken, and the sisters must live with darkness inside them while striving not to let the evil consume their souls.

Undercover Love

She’s an undercover FBI agent ensconced in a deadly game of playing fiancée’ to a dangerous man. He’s a retired FBI agent who has vowed never to join any missions for the agency after his female partner was killed in the line of duty. Both are seeking revenge from the same man, and there is only one reason Kyle would agree to rescue Rianna: vengeance against her fiancé.