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Evan returns to England from war to discover both his brother and father dead, his estate neglected, and his sister severely ill with a suspected heart problem. The only good thing is his childhood friend Rowena.

Passport to Murder

Emmeline Prather, an English professor at Copper Bluff University, is looking forward to spring break and the opportunity to travel to France with a handful of colleagues and students. She’s excited to get to know the group better, and at the chance to connect with her French ancestors.

Sorcha dún Scoti inherited a keek stane from her beloved seer Unna, together with the gift of sight. She can now see the true circumstances of her birth and her father's identity, and she doesn’t much like what she sees. Sorcha feels betrayed by her clan, and with Una gone, she is determined to find her under any circumstances.

Trina Ryan has decided, even after the painful goodbye said to her last dog, to take on another service dog to train. This one, much younger — an 8-week old black lady-puppy named Colton. Trina is a huge animal lover, but she hadn't realized how much work and time a young puppy takes. Nevertheless, she forges on, does her duty and her best to make Colton the best service dog she can.

Caterina, Pendleton Petticoats #2
Shanna Hatfield,
Meghan Kelly

HISTORICAL:  When the beautiful and feisty Caterina rolls into a small Oregon town in 1899, the townsfolk quickly realize they are in for a surprise!  Fleeing the mob back east and hiding her connections to her past, Caterina woos the town with her Italian cooking skills and indomitable spirit.  Soon, she finds herself drawn to the kind hearted and brave Kade, the town deputy who seems entrance