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FANTASY:  The world of Ilturia is never boring: the ruling Queen has 12 Princesses!

Reporter Julie Crenshaw is trying to put the rest of her family’s life back together after her husband and unborn baby were killed in a tragic car accident.

At twenty-five Lady Juliette Brooks is firmly on the shelf, although through no fault of her own. When her father’s new wife decides it is time for her to be married she has no choice in the matter.

Dark Flowers

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Eliza and Millie live at the horrid institution of St. Agatha’s orphanage, where the Matron gives the girls the bare minimum for existence.

Casey has aged out of the foster care system and now lives on the streets. Her friend Jake has always been there, with a hot meal and a couch for her to sleep on any time she wants.