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HISTORICAL:  Set in twelfth century Ireland, Orlagh, the sheltered, naïve, slightly spoilt, but fiery granddaughter of Chief Maelan, becomes infatuated with a traveling bard and very nearly loses her innocence in the process. This serves as a wake -up call for her grandfather, who must admit he’s coddled her for too long, and that it is time for Orlagh to marry.

The Ice Cream Man (Chronicles #2)
Rick Johnson,
Natalie Adler

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Ted enjoys having his own business — working for himself, driving an ice cream truck — but he must admit his personal life is lacking.

Loving a Hero

Shelly and Stan had a good thing going until Stan made a stupid, regrettable mistake and broke Shelly’s heart.  Shelly is trying to move on with her life, working her way through school and caring for her young daughter.

Mick Donovan’s past taught him to keep people at arm’s length. Yet one fateful night, he finds himself volunteering to look after a little lost boy — and fighting his strong, sudden attraction to the beautiful tough-as-nails prosecutor who wants to send that same little boy away.

J.R. Rain, Piers Anthony, Tegen Wren, Matthew S. Cox, Richard Roberts, James Wymore, Darin Kennedy, Robert J. Defendi, Jordan Elizabeth, J.P. Sloan, W.K. Pomeroy,
Benjamin Sperduto, Mark W. Woodring, S.E. Bennett, B.C. Johnson, Piers Anthony, J.E. Anckorn, Andrew Buckley, Nathan Croft, Rena Rocford, Ann M. Noser, Randy Attwood, Katie Young,

SCI-FI/FANTASY:  “Darkscapes” is a collection of 21 short stories with something imaginative for every reader. Journey into the darkness, where nothing is what it seems and your worst nightmare is just around the corner...