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TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jared Langley, 13th Duke of Reston, has always done his duty, but he finds his life lacking. Reading the journals of his ancestors proves this a common problem, except for the mysterious seventh Duke, whose journal is missing.

Jack Hammond and Leah Winters have escaped Death and his council by the skin of their teeth. They quickly learn that while Leah is now immortal, that immortality has come with a price neither of them expected.

In the autumn of 1810, Allison Forbes sets out to fulfill her father’s dying wish. He wanted her to visit relatives in Wyllie, Kentucky and take the time to grieve before deciding whether to keep or sell the plantation left in her care.

Healing Hands

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Leigh Anne Michaels has been haunted by the sexual assault she suffered as a child, and the repercussions that followed. The man responsible has finally been caught and is facing trial. Now an adult, Leigh Anne is the primary witness for the prosecution. Tormented by memories exacerbated by her mental illness, Leigh struggles to stay sane and find the strength to testify.

Eddie Shoes is excited to spend a few days with her mother at a resort outside Leavenworth, Washington. A relaxing weekend is just what this PI needs and if Chava wants to foot the bill and celebrate her new job at the same time, Eddie is not about to object. Eddie's relaxing weekend goes up in smoke when she goes for a hike and stumbles across an injured man as a forest fire breaks out.