Recent Reviews

HISTORICAL:  Ruth MacDonald has suffered a great deal during the past two years of her life. Her family ranch was attacked by Comanches, resulting in the destruction of her childhood home, the death of her family, and her captivity. Forced to live as one of them, she eventually finds herself pregnant. Then the raid from the U.S.

What Happens at Midnight
Laura Chapman,
Narrator: Kay Heart

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Natalie is a romantic comedy junkie. She’s got them all memorized and the hopeless romantic antics never grow old —until she finds herself caught up in them herself. For three years in a row, New Years Eve has been the night where she bumps into a mysterious, handsome stranger named Rob. Unfortunately for her, the perfect movie ending doesn’t play out, or can it?

A Murder of Principle

Harding High School is in the midst of a Storme they call Wendy. Principal Wendy Storme is new to the school and making lasting impressions on all students, teachers, coaches and the community — and it’s not in a good way. Wendy is out to climb to the top of her career ladder no matter who is destroyed along the way.

Quinn has to figure out what she’s going to be when she grows up. Her choices have not been successful and some time away at the family cabin may help center her and figure out some options for her future. With a huge storm predicted, her brother Isaac is not comfortable leaving her alone but she insists she will be fine and needs the time and space.

Lorelei is a dedicated employee with a private family law firm. She has been working tirelessly and has much success with her cases. Surely, her boss, Henry Hale will notice and put her name in the hat for partner? With the holidays coming all Henry wants to do is work through them, but he is hosting the festivities this year and can’t let his family down.