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CHICK-LIT:  Maryn Medrovovich has finally married the Crown Prince Stephan, and is now ready to embark on the wedded bliss all fairy tales promise.  Now that she is a bona fide princess, Maryn is excited about performing the duties and responsibilities that go with the title.  Instead, she finds herself locked away, prevented from attending all but a few very selective, and massively boring eve

Poetic Justice

Revenge, as they say, is sweet, and Claire Vetra is ready to enjoy a long overdue and delectable taste of justice. Her plan is to exact revenge on the father and son team behind a secret organization known as the “World Alliance Order”.  This organization had Claire kidnapped, and then held her captive while they performed painful medical tests on her.

Lady Nicola Mortimer’s evil husband devises a plan that backfires spectacularly when he deliberately places his wife with Fawkes de Cressy, hoping to keep his own vices hidden.  The passion that ignites between them sustains Fawkes through the rigors of the crusades, until he finally gains the right to wed Nicola and rule her lands. However, once they are married, doubts begin to emerge.

On the Edge of Tomorrow
Emerald Barnes, Elise Manion, Tracey Hewitt Meyer, Caytlyn Brooke, Jean Booth,
Sara Daniell, Landen West, Margaret Nerz Iribarne, John Darryl Winston

Teenagers deal with all kinds of problems and emotions, but in this diverse collection of novellas nine authors show teens dealing with death, illness, assault, bullying, and suicidal thoughts, while at the same time making friends, discovering their identities, and finding hope.

Jacob White thought he had everything he ever wanted: fame, fortune, the ability to turn heads, and now even the blood of Drakkon running through his veins — until he wakes up on the mountainside after a post-flight nap and looks into the eyes of a woman who dares to bargain with a dragon.