Recent Reviews

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Ruby Harkwad, is a talented songwriter. She meets Collin Moore, a true rocket scientist, when he sub-teaches her physics class. Their attraction is instant. When Collin posts a video of Ruby on line, it catches the eye of a major record label. Ruby is offered a recording contract. Soon they both have the world by the tail as their own individual careers take off.

A Reflection of Ice

Teen-age Lyra has a tumultuous relationship with her stepmother. After discovering the woman’s affair while her dad is out of town, Lyra escapes to the woods to avoid her stepmother’s dangerous anger. A cryptic musical sound lures her deep into the woods, to a castle made of ice with a winsome, lonely man who welcomes her warmly.

HISTORICAL:  Melaina Hartley never wanted to leave her hometown of Carth, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, when her father becomes indebted to his business partner, Mr. Ashwood, only Melaina’s agreement to see Ashwood's daughter Blanche wed to the Duke of Westmire will see her father clear of his debts.

Adelyn is an expert planner. Making lists comes as naturally as breathing. Unfortunately, finding a man that meets the requirements on her "to marry" list is proving more difficult than expected. Although Adelyn is certain her list will help her find Mr. Right, her friends are less confident.

MYSTERY:  Abby Jenkins does not want to attend a séance. Unfortunately, as a single mother, a new witch with a ghost boyfriend, and jobs as a private detective and night janitor at the local haunted teahouse, she has one too many secrets to hide, and when one’s friend blackmails you into attending her séance, you go, even if you’d rather be home.