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Lily has recently sold her company. With her friend Maggie, she heads out on a dream vacation to cruise the Italian coast. The trip should give her time to relax and figure out the next phase of life. The problem is, she has no clue what that might be.  On the night before boarding, Lily dances with a handsome man named Zander but is rebuffed when she tries to kiss him.

WESTERN:  Missy Marino has been the manager of Steeple Ridge, a 40-acre horse farm, since she was a young woman, so when it is sold to big city, big business hot shot Tucker Jenkins she is devastated. Her short marriage left her heartbroken and in debt, and she fears her dream of owning the farm is beyond her reach.

Elodie Kendrick, Princess of Zelnon, has just been betrothed to the Prince of Katriel by her vile stepmother Fiona, the Queen Regent. Determined to rule the kingdom herself as rightful Queen and not marry her stepmother's choice, she seeks help from Paige Innis, a witch and one of the only people she can trust. On the way to Paige's cottage, she encounters a stranger who seems to want to help.

The Hidden Duchess

Celeste, Duchess de Saint Tours, is hiding in the small French country village of Danguin from the Parisian authorities, after being suspected of her husband's murder. Cousins Marcel and Louise Daunou aide her in her deception, as she pretends to be a  widowed woman recently moved from Toulouse.

The Remnant
William Michael

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN:  Working for the Center of Theological Control, Colton Pierce apprehends Abberants — those who show symptoms of having a faith of any description. Years previously, the government engineered a super flu that destroyed the genes suspected of causing people to have religious beliefs. The Abberants are the ones believed to be immune.