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REGENCY:  With the death of her husband, Isabel has no desire to ever fall in love again, let alone be married. After a meeting with an unexpected visitor, Marcus, she is even surer of this. However, when she is snowed in at a family member’s house, her relationship with Marcus turns from one of distrust to friendship. Now Isabel must learn where her heart truly lies.


INSPIRATIONAL:  Marissa is your typical teenager. She goes to school, has friends, loving parents she doesn’t always get along with (her mom especially), and a crush on her school’s bad boy. Life is going as usual until her parents decide to send her to Lima—a decision that will change Marissa’s life.

Penny White is many things to many people. She is both a sister and mother to her younger brother James, the fiancé of her soon-to-be-husband Peter, the mentor of a priest-in-training and vampire, the guardian of a snail shark (yes, you heard correctly), the vicar of an English village, and the continuous romantic conquest of a dragon named Raven.

Summer McCalister has made it a habit of ignoring the people from her small town. If you are going to be the niece of the town crazy, you’ve got to have thick skin, right? Only now Summer knows her Uncle Jake isn’t as crazy as everyone thinks. She knows the rugged rocky landscape called Jake’s Hell is actually home to the alien city Daneye, as well as her bond-mate Bentri.

Hunting in Bruges (Hunters' Guild #1)
E.J Stevens,
Narrators: Melanie A. Mason, Anthony Bowling

MYSTERY:  Jenna Lahane, hunter of all things supernatural and evil, is on a mission to Bruges to investigate a series of brutal and mysterious murders of tourists visiting the ancient city. With an ancient city comes centuries of baggage and conspiracy too. The closer Jenna is to solving the mystery, the more she wonders if perhaps some secrets are best left buried.