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Crazy Rhythm

HISTORICAL:  In 2003 in an assisted living home in Everett Washington, Gunnar Nilson is telling Kristi about his private eye days back in post-World War II Seattle. Kristi decides to write Gunnar’s stories in a paper for school. Gunnar starts by telling Kristi about a murder of his best friend’s brother that he must solve due to an obligation to his friend.

At Midnight
Lainee Cole, Lynn Crandall,
Rena Kootnz

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Midnight is the spark that lights this romance anthology, featuring two contemporary love stories and one paranormal romance, where everything from business, shapeshifting and kidnapping, all occur at midnight. 

Saving Shadow

REGENCY:  The beautiful and lively Lady Elizabeth Beckett has a dark secret: born with perfect memory and trained in weaponry, she is also Shadow, England’s most effective and deadly spy. However, her double life is taking a toll and she is on the verge of a breakdown.

Jonas Braithwaithe has returned home to make peace with his grandfather. Now a respected sailor and businessman, he’s hoping to put to rest his reputation as the small town’s leading troublemaker, but trouble (and scandal) has a habit of following him. He barely arrives home when he interrupts a housebreaking – and discovers a luscious young woman in his bedchamber.

Too Damn Nice

At 18, Lizzie is headed for L.A. to start an exciting modeling career. Her only regret is leaving Nick behind without telling him she is in love with him. Nick is her brother’s life-long best friend who has always been around, first as an honorary brother, then a friend, but now she has stronger feelings for him.