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Overruled by Fate

Nathaniel and Madeline have been friends since childhood. Nate is the son of a servant; Madeline is the Lord's daughter. When Madeline's father arranges a marriage for her, she is heartbroken. Her feelings for Nate have grown and the feeling is mutual. When Nate is made the Captain of her guard, he accompanies Madeline and her new husband to their home.

Between Silk and Sand

FANTASY:  Seventeen-year-old Saraid, princess of Thekla, is set to marry the ruler of the far off but strategically important land, although she has yet to meet him. On her journey to her wedding,  however, Saraid’s company is hijacked and the princess kidnapped.

In Spite of Lions

After the death of her beloved father and protector, Anna flees the machinations of her spiteful, abusive mother and boards the first ship leaving port that will give her passage.  Not knowing where she will land but yearning for a life of her own, Anna wholeheartedly embraces the adventure before her.  Upon landing in Africa with only Mary Livingston and her two young children as friends from

Set in the time of the Korean War, "Love's Challenge" illustrates its effect on young lovers Laura Beth Walters and Joey McCall.  Their first challenge is Joey’s time away at college, and then they thought they were ready to be married. Instead, Joey is drafted to go away to Korea to fight, leaving Laura Beth home alone and estranged from her doting daddy.

White Knight
Nicole Flockton,
Abigail Owen

Sasha White is a victim of an ancient curse and has lived centuries with its ramifications. To stop the endless cycle, she has to find the Immorality Stone. By posing as a diamond cutter, she has infiltrated the company of the seven men once protected by her wizard father—Merlin. Now that she has found the stone, all that is left is to steal it.