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Claire Hastings has no intention of marrying. A lady of independent means with a career as a novelist, she is happy to remain single — until her brother dies. With no remaining family, a clause in her father's will is enacted, leaving her one month to marry or lose the estate.

4-Ever Hunted

PARANORMAL:  Trick is going to be a famous vampire hunter like his father. Despite his loving adopted family, Trick is determined to leave and find him. His determination to fight might just get him killed. Not by vampires, however, but rather the dark magic he already has running through his veins.

Southern Sons

World War I was the "war to end all wars", and meant to end by Christmas. Unfortunately, for many in Australia it would change everything. In Blue Water Station, Oliver Grayson’s desire to join the military ignites the same wish in his brother and cousins, leaving his sister Tilly bereft and the boys facing great danger.

It Happened at the Park
Ryan Jo

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Cassidy Grant likes dogs just fine — in theory.  However, when her sister dies and leaves the city planner with strict instructions to take in and care for her precious pooches, Cassidy swallows her grief and does as instructed, starting with taking them to the dog park.

The Medievalist

TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jayne Lyons, a true aficionado of King Richard III, is on an archaeological dig site in Leicester England.  She decides to establish Richard’s innocence by proving he didn’t murder his nephews. When Jayne sees a skeleton with a silver sigil of a boar on it, she knows instantly that the skeleton is Richard’s.